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What is the Yahoo Academy Learning Center?
The Learning Center is an on-demand customer education hub where our clients can learn the competencies they need to launch successful campaigns in the Yahoo DSP and advance their careers as digital marketers.

Who can access the Learning Center?
Coursework in the Learning Center is available to Yahoo DSP customers. Clients can log in with their Yahoo DSP Credentials.

  • If you are a customer and need DSP login credentials, please contact your account team.
  • If you are interested in becoming a customer, please contact us.

I am a Yahoo DSP user. How can I access the Learning Center?
Yahoo DSP users can access the Learning Center by visiting and logging in using their Yahoo DSP login information.

Who can I reach out to with questions about the Learning Center?
To enroll in the Learning Center, you must be a Yahoo DSP user. To learn more about the Learning Center, reach out to your Account Manager.

Can I access the Learning Center from a mobile device?
Yes! The Learning Center can be accessed on standard and mobile web and is optimized for all screen sizes.

In which regions is the Learning Center available?
The Learning Center is available to all Yahoo DSP customers globally. Learners have the ability to select their region. If your exact location isn’t listed, we recommend selecting the region closest to your location.


Which browsers are recommended?
For an optimal experience, we recommend using Google Chrome to complete Learning Center coursework. If Chrome isn’t an option, make sure to use the latest version of your preferred browser.

What accessibility features are used in the Learning Center?
The Learning Center offers various accessibility features including video closed captions, screen reader attributes, and mobile accessibility.


How is the Learning Center curriculum structured?
The Learning Center curriculum is designed to be flexible. For instance, certifications consist of a series of lessons known as a path. Learners can follow the path to complete a certification, or they can browse and complete lessons as standalone activities. Regardless of how coursework is completed, progress is saved across the Learning Center curriculum. This allows learners to use the Learning Center in whatever way works best for them.

Do I need to complete lessons in order or can I skip around?
In the Learning Center, a structured series of lessons is known as a path. While paths are designed to be completed in sequential order, learners are free to skip around and complete lessons in any order.

How can I navigate the coursework?
There are various ways to navigate the Learning Center coursework.

  1. Use the main menu (top navigation) to switch between featured coursework and resources.
  2. Learners can also visit previous courses under History (top-right dropdown menu) and resume progress.
  3. Additionally, the Search field and Topics dropdown (top navigation) allow learners to browse and filter lessons, paths, and all other available activities.

    screenshot of course navigation features in learning center

Where should I start with the Learning Center?
The best place to start is the Yahoo DSP Certification, which provides a structured learning experience leading to certification.

Does the coursework cost anything?
The coursework is available to Yahoo DSP users free of charge.

Will my progress be saved?
Yes! Learners can start, pause, and revisit coursework at any time.

How can I view my current enrollments?
Learners can review their progress and lesson completions under History (accessible in the top-right dropdown menu after logging in).


What is the Yahoo DSP Certification?
The Yahoo DSP Certification, available to all Yahoo DSP clients, is designed to help new customers gain familiarity with the DSP and build confidence to make more informed omnichannel buying decisions. The coursework consists of approximately 4-5 hours of training videos, modules, and knowledge checks, followed by a 40 question exam and survey. After passing the exam, learners earn a badge to share on their LinkedIn profile, email signature, or resume to showcase their accomplishment!

What is required to get DSP Certified?
While completing the Yahoo DSP Certification coursework is encouraged, the only requirement to earn the certification is a score of 80% or higher on the DSP Certification Exam, which learners have unlimited attempts to complete.

How long is my certification valid for?
Certifications are valid for 12 months upon completion of certification requirements.

How can I view my certifications?
Once you've completed a certification, you can visit the Certification Complete page (ex. DSP Certification Complete) where you can download the badge. In addition to the badge, you'll also earn an Award certificate, which you can access at any time by navigating to My Profile in the top-right dropdown menu and selecting the certification under Awards. Your certificate has a unique URL that can be used anywhere on the web to share your accomplishment!
screenshot of learner profile page

How can I add the badge to my email signature?
Upon completing a certification, you'll receive both a badge and a certificate that can be shared in a number of ways. Whenever possible, try to link your badge image with the Certificate URL. That way, when you share it, visitors can click the image to access your certificate for verification.

For instance, when adding the badge image to your email signature you should add a link to the image that takes visitors to your certificate. This process can vary depending on the email client you use (ex. Outlook, Gmail, etc.) but it's generally pretty straightforward. Here is how it's done in Gmail:

  1. In Gmail, navigate to Settings > General > Signature
  2. Add the Landscape Badge to your email signature (either using the hosted URL or by uploading the file)
  3. Highlight the badge image and add a hyperlink to your Certificate URL
  4. Select your new signature under Signature Defaults for the emails (new, replies/forwards) for which you'd like to include your badge
  5. Scroll to the bottom and Save

How can I share my badge or certification on LinkedIn?
There are two ways to share your certificate on LinkedIn: create a post and add to your profile. We encourage you to do both!

  1. To create a LinkedIn post:
    • Begin by signing in to LinkedIn and navigating to your Home page. Once you're there, click Start a post at the top of the page. Linkedin create post screen
    • For this next step, you'll need the unique URL for your certificate.
      1. Here in the Learning Center, navigate to My Profile using the top-right dropdown. Open in a new tab to keep these instructions on screen.
      2. Select the certificate under the Awards section.
      3. Copy the unique URL of your certificate from your browser tab.
    • Once you have the unique URL for your certificate, paste it in the text area for your post. Once you see a preview of the post, you can remove the URL you pasted if you'd like. Add a description for your post, like "Check out my new achievement from @Yahoo for Business—I'm a certified DSP expert!". screenshot of create post module in linkedin
    • Below your name you can select the audience for this post. When you're ready, click the Post button and you're all set!
    • Note: If you'd like to post the badge image instead of your certificate, you can download the badge after completing a certification and share it as a Photo post. However, be sure to include the unique URL of your certificate in your post for verification.
  2. To add to LinkedIn profile:
    • To add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile, sign in to LinkedIn and navigate to your profile. You can get to your profile by selecting the dropdown menu under your photo in the top-right corner of the screen.
    • On your profile, find the Licenses & certifications section. Select the + icon to add a new certification. screenshot of licenses and certifications section in LinkedIn with plus sign highlighted
    • For this next step, you'll need your certificate open in a separate tab.
      1. Here in the Learning Center, navigate to My Profile using the top-right dropdown. Open in a new tab to keep these instructions on screen.
      2. Select the certificate under the Awards section.
    • Complete the information for your new certificate in LinkedIn.
      • Name: Yahoo DSP Certification
      • Issuing organization: Yahoo for Business
      • Use the information from your certificate to complete the remaining sections. Note: for the Certification ID in LinkedIn, use the Completion ID provided on your Learning Center Certificate.
    • Click Save and you're all set! screenshot of add license or certification modal in LinkedIn
    • Once you've added your certificate, it will be displayed in the Licenses & certifications section of your LinkedIn profile. screenshot highlighting Yahoo DSP Certification on LinkedIn profile