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Q: What is the Yahoo Academy Learning Center?

A: The Yahoo Academy Learning Center is a self-service online training & certification platform designed to onboard and train Yahoo DSP customers and build expertise in campaign strategy and management.

Q: What content is available and who can access the Learning Center?

A: We currently offer two types of content, certification courses and learning tutorials. The Yahoo Academy Learning Center is available to everyone, DSP clients and non-DSP clients. However, the topics available a

Certification Courses are generally, 30 minutes or more of lessons and videos covering a broader topic or product. Certification courses include a downloadable takeaway item, an exam, and a certification badge to promote on social media. Students need to earn a score of 70% or higher on an exam to pass and earn their certification badge. The Unified TV Certification and Identity Solutions Certification are available to everyone. The Yahoo DSP Certification is open to DSP clients only.

Learning Tutorials Since learning tutorials go more in-depth into our DSP, learning tutorials are currently only open to DSP clients. Designed for hands-on keyboarders. They are 30 minutes or less of snackable videos that go further in-depth into a specific topic or product offering. Learning tutorials do not include takeaways, exams, or certification badges.

Q: What regions is the Learning Center available in?

A: The Learning Center is available globally.

  • Learners have the ability to select their region. Our courses note product availability by market.


Q: Which browsers are recommended?

A: For an optimal experience, we recommend using Google Chrome to complete Learning Center coursework. If Chrome isn’t an option, make sure to use the latest version of your preferred browser.

Q: What accessibility features are used in the Learning Center?

A: The Learning Center offers various accessibility features including video closed captions, screen reader attributes, and mobile accessibility.


Q: How long is my certification valid?

A: The certifications do not expire, however, it is advisable for clients to get recertified every year to stay up to speed on the latest product releases and changes.

Q: How can I view my certifications?

A: First, you will need to pass a certification exam. Then, you can access your Certificate of Completion by following the directions below:

  1. Navigate to My Profile in the top-right drop-down menu
  2. Under Awards, select your certification

Q: How can I download and post my certification badges on social media?

A: First follow the question above to access your Certificate of Completion. Then you can:

  1. Sign into your LinkedIn Account.
  2. Go to your Profile and find your Licenses & Certifications section. If you do not already have a Licenses & Certifications section, there is a button to Add a Profile Section.
  3. Add your certification by filling in the details below:
  • Issuing organization: Yahoo Advertising

  • Credential ID: Paste in your Completion ID

  • Remember to save!


Q: How is the Learning Center curriculum structured?

A: The Learning Center curriculum is designed to be flexible. For instance, certifications consist of a series of lessons known as a path. Learners can follow the path to complete a certification, or they can browse and complete lessons as standalone activities. Regardless of how coursework is completed, progress is saved across the Learning Center curriculum. This allows learners to use the Learning Center in whatever way works best for them.

Q: Do I need to complete lessons in order or can I skip around?

A: In the Learning Center, a structured series of lessons is known as a path. While paths are designed to be completed in sequential order, learners are free to skip around and complete lessons in any order.

Q: How can I navigate the coursework?

A: There are various ways to navigate the Learning Center coursework.

  1. Utilize the home screen to access the available coursework. Once you click on the module of choice, you will see that your progress has been saved.
  2. You can use the main menu (top navigation) to switch between featured coursework and resources.
  3. Learners can also visit previous courses under History (top-right dropdown menu) and resume progress.

Q: Does the coursework cost anything?

A: The Yahoo Academy Learning Center is available to anyone at no cost!

Q: Will my progress be saved?

A: Yes! Learners can start, pause, and revisit coursework at any time.

Q: How can I view my current enrollments?

A: Learners can review their progress and lesson completions under History (accessible in the top-right dropdown menu after logging in).